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Relationship coach and counselor, writer on marriage and committed relationships, author and host of


I am a relationship counselor and coach, with over 20 years experience working with couples and individuals. Over those years, I have written a great deal about marriage and couple relationships. The best of what I’ve written is available on my Internet site,

I am also husband, father, friend, lover of the sea and rural places, the world’s soul music, kayaking, good talk and much else.

I seek to hear my own calling and follow it the best that I can. I want to help Lighten the world, open my heart more and more, do the work that seems to be mine to do - and take the work seriously but not myself. (My favorite saying is “Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.”)

I believe that marriage –in fact any truly committed couple relationship – is one of the best vehicles we have for learning how to love and becoming a better person. My professional life is dedicated to helping those who embrace that view – partly because they have more than a fighting chance of succeeding and partly because I find such a joy in working with people who are willing to take responsibility for themselves.

I want to use this blog as a vehicle for sharing what I know and for exploring the many ways in which a committed life with a partner can be an adventure – not just the burden that so many people find it to be.

I am also very interested in having an extended conversation here about everyday love. We’re all told that you are supposed to love your partner, but how do you do it day in and day out?

Millions of us are making the marriage journey. With very few exceptions, we do so entirely ignorant of what works and what doesn’t work – as discovered, often painfully, by other journeyers along the same road. We’re like people climbing a mountain without a path. No wonder so many of us fall off!

People don’t talk about their marriages with one other – maybe occasionally with a therapist – but not with other folks who have their own need for support or their own useful experience to share.

We act as if useful guidance and support always has to come from above – from the trained professional, the therapist, counselor or coach. We forget that, with our direct experience of marriage and committed relationships, we can be resources for each other.

I want this blog to be a dialogue, a conversation, a conference (a “meeting together”) of those who know something about relationships – namely you and I and all the other folks who drop by this site and have their own experience and wisdom to share, which is everybody who is or has been married or otherwise in a committed relationship. I want this site to be a place where we can help one another by sharing what we know.

Know that your thoughts are welcome and that your experience is potentially useful to others. The comment box is yours to use.




Travel, photography, jazz, Greek & Middle Eastern music, sea kayaking, my wife, our children, friends, meditation, the Internet in all its possibilities - for starters.