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April 18, 2007



This is the exact situation that has been rearing up in my current relationship. Both he and I know that the other cares for one another, but we have been unable to overcome the problem of the "one-sided fights" as you put it. You did hit the nail on the head in various areas. I do not talk a whole lot, honestly hardly ever. He rises at least 3 hours earlier than I do and by the time I am awake he is ready to talk and I'm still just getting focused for the day. This of course leads to the build up of tension because then he feels I am ignoring him, although I speak in the morning I still need some "me" time to get it together. Not long just about 15-20 minutes, but I know he's busting at the seams by this time. We have talked about compromising in the mornings, which we still have to work on, but in the meantime I don't want my morning routine to be construde as a big fat don't mess with me right now or else type situation. It's not. I have never talked a whole lot and he always does. The conversation is always good but because I don't banter back and forth continually he feels I don't care. I do care and I try to talk and communicate to assure him that I am not in a "mood" or anything, I'm just not a big talker.
We need help, what do you or any other bloggers think will help our situation.

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