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July 04, 2007


Allura Woodard

me & my soon to be husband fight abiut the stupidest things and i dont know what to do. ive tryed everything. some days were happy and then a few days later were arguing again! we say sorry and things are okay. But i worried that when we do get married that it won't feel ment to be. how do i tell him things need to change ot i might leave? i dont wana leave him but if things keep up, i have no other choice. i love him so much, i would do anything for him, big or small and he knows that i just wish that he would appreaciet it soetimes.

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Veronica Delagard

When I read the post from the soon to be husband and fighting all the time, I wondered why are you getting married. Yes, you love him and would do anything for him. I know the feeling. But you all ready sound as miserable as I am and I have been married for 13 years. It's lonely fighing all the time, it really is especially when you never get what you need.

The only advice I can give you is" If you think getting married is going to make him more secure, more sensitive, less critical, less violent" Wrong!!! It only gets worse.

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I need some really good flirting tips that actually work and give the guy the hint that I like him. Can anyone help?

stacy, jordans mom

relationships are hard. talking is hard. talking about feelings is the most difficult. or so it seems. being able to express your love, anger and hurt..

its not about being right, wrong or indifferant.

but, it is about just "being able to"...

just saying ,"id dont know, or i need some help, will you help me..".

christian louboutin

I am very like this sentence:"We can forgive each other; we can go forward; we have reason to stay together." The article is perfect, I liked this article. Hope to share more about the blogger's information on blog.

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jordan 13

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renlei shi daziran de lijiezhe he puren!

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Nike SB

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amazing stuff thanx :)


You want hopeless? Complain to your wife that you should have married the other girl and not her.


Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Amazing � :)

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good good�this post deserves nothing :( �hahaha just joking :P �nice post :P

Feels great

gr8 resrch bro�


Do something sweet , something that he will remember

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